Best undersize $40-60?

I love my CafeRacer, but I’d like something a tad bigger, more stable.

~50.5-52.5 mm
Lots of rim weight (for the size anyway)
Not super heavy
Low walls

Have a heyday with the rest of the specs. Just need lots of suggestions please.

YYO Pause
GodTricks Freedom

Most <$60 metals can only be made in China where undersize isnt popular at all. 52mm is especially rare because it is also not quite small enough to be marketed as a novelty.

G-Funk is nice

the c3 token

I keep hearing about the Pause…but when is it finally gonna release? Lol. Maybe this week?

The magic yoyo N11 might be worth looking into.
Its not terribly undersized but seems like the sort of thing you might enjoy

Look at one of the many YYO posts.

That’s the problem, the post says 10-25-2014, which was Saturday. And there’s nothing on their website about it, nor does yoyoexpert have it.

messiah from the BST