best undersized yoyo?

i’m looking to start yoyoing again and i need a new throw. i am looking for something with the playability, stability and price if possible of a protostar/northstar… but a bit smaller. any suggestions? i’d prefer it to be under 100 dollars. suggestions?

My caferacer by one drop never let’s me down when I want to throw undersize.

Look for the YOYOFFICER Pause on YouTube. Based on the tricks in the 4 vids just released these past few days if say it’s pretty darn good for $26. It’s going to be released soon but then again other stores may have put it up early.

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hunt down a used quake. if you want something new but the price under 100$ i still say the g-funk is an awesome buy,but most dont like the g-funk :shrugs: give it try,i played mine into the ground(literally) RIP XD

Werrd Minute is on the smaller side and half you budget while still being good

i had one of the very early light blue runs of those. the bearing seat caved in on me! if this isn’t still a common problem then i would consider it again.

i will check it out. thank you man.

I’ve never heard of this happening! Mine has seen regular play for many months now with no problem. I hope it’s not a “known issue”, as I love mine to bits.

The only other half decent undersized yoyo I can think of in that price range would be the recrev neuae then

yeah, i wish i had some pictures for you or something. the bearing seat actually caved in and was all ridged so the bearing wasn’t very locked in there. it was weird… never had that happen to me on any throw. this was a really early run though, no need to be afraid aha. it may have been before it even came out actually.

never under estimate the power of a onestar with a trifecta bearing in it… ohh and the c3 token is a beast.

I like G-Funk

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Werrd minute is a pretty awesome throw