Best Tutorials


What website do you think has the best tutorials? How about tutorials of different tricks than are here on yoyoexpert?


CLYW has some cool tutorials (:


mrmatio has some really good ones


I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE rethink yoyo tutuorials


Personally I like the Slusny ( and Duncan Ninja (

I’m not saying their the best, I’m only saying that I like them the best. What’s best is only a matter of opinion.  :wink:


^^^agred,slusny has some good ones and good camera angles. Also, yotricks has some good ones and are always adding more. And like said above,clys has really cool and innovative tutorials which are always fun and challenging.


I like SLUSNY, especially when I can’t understand a trick on yoyoExpert because the camera quality/no slo mo.

So YYE for explanation, SLUSNY for multiple camera angles and easy to take in slo mo video


Exactly! I go to Slusny when I want to learn a trick and then I come to the YYE tutorials whenever there is something I just can’t understand.


I like rethink yoyo too!


yotricks has some good ones or yoyoskills are good too.