Where can I find more tutorials?

I see the basics but I want to learn more slack tricks and there isn’t many in here.

here’s one I think I can give you the link for.
my other good ones I can’t link to here.

www.Rethinkyoyo.com is a great one. super indepth tutorials, and really cool tricks.
www.Highspeedyoyo.com is a great website also. Slow motion tuts.
www.grawrd.com also might have some cool stuff.

Billybobs is a good place to start.

Aside from that, you have to figure it out for yourself. bother slack, revolutions, and trapeze slack is basically all you need to know before making your own.

Personally, I find CLYW Cabin Tutorials to have some of the best ideas out in tutorials. I absolutely love Chuck’s slack tricks!

Thanks! You guys are awesome =)