best throws $20 and under!

Hey guys, me and my friend are looking for a new throw, and I’ve been out of the release game for awhile soooo…

We’re advanced throwers, so advanced only.

Thanks guys

For $20 there’s not a whole lot of choices. I would suggest a YYF Starlight, PSG, Alpha Crash, or YYJ Classic. The classic really surprised me with how well it performed with a c sized bearing and new pads.

magic yoyo
t5 is the best imo
alpha crash

Magic yoyo T5 and all other models under $20
YYF Onestar
Pro Z
Alpha Crash
Dare i say …Drifter

Classic with clean C bearing. New response actually optional in my opinion. O-rings work OK.

I just got the magic yoyo n12 for 15 bucks shipped on ebay, got here in a week. Outplays my dv888 in my opinion, definitely better than the psg I own. Though the psg is a fun plastic.

Two classics, two YYE bearings, one tube of flowable

Classic with a normal sized bearing and some irpads…amazing…the Alpha Crash is nice too

Oh yeah i forgot about Magic yoyo. I have a T5. My top 2 under 20 are the T5 and Classic.

Is magic yoyo actually good? When I saw the price of them, for a metal, they seemed like a joke.

I have owned every model at one point or another. All of them play exceptionally well, especially for the price. Out of all of them the T5 and the N12 stick out the most.

Good luck!

I thought so too, and they don’t play like $100+ yoyos like some people say, but they are really good.

I would pick up a Starbrite or whatever they’re called. The neon collection ones:

Haha I was just wondering. Probably wont be gettin a magic yoyo anytime soon I throw CLYW buuuut for under $20 I say go for one of the adegle plastics or a one star.

Can’t say anything about the other Adegle plastics, but not the PSG. I see it recommended a lot in these “plastics” threads, but it’s a mediocre throw at best. It has nothing on the Classic except perhaps looks.

Before the Classic, the PSG was the best sub $20 throw that is easily available, period. Even the Classic needs a new bearing and pads, so I think the PSG is better for beginners in that regard. Keep in mind I’ve never tried a Classic.

I’d suggest getting 10 more bucks to buy rather a Grind Machine (because they are just super fun to throw), a Protostar, or a Northstar. Or if you want to be all cheap, just get a One Star. (I’d suggest waiting for the new colors to come out though.)

@Yonut: nah, the Classic just needs a new bearing (many people have a spare C around already, but for an absolute beginner it’s true that they might not know to order one!). The O-rings aren’t terrible and you can replace them later at your convenience.

On the other hand, the PSG is rather wobbly, which is discouraging for beginners. I know because a beginner bought a PSG on my recommendation (she admitted she mainly wanted it because it was “pretty” (she got the purple gem)). Though she’s getting by with it, she occasionally uses better yoyos and always comments on how much easier they are.

@chrisbeatsyoyo: I tend to agree (although I still maintain that the Classic is great!) but for the “wee little jump up” in cost, my recommendation is the YYJ Trigger. I don’t know the *Star line (really must get one eventually!) but I am not a fan of the PGM. As little as I like the PSG, I like the PGM even less!

Man, I sound a bit negative in this thread! I mean to big up the Trigger and Classic, not take the PGM and PSG to task… but there you have it. :wink:

Get a YYF Whip. Its my second favorite throw, and it’s $10. I think that is crazy. Durable, stable, but very light. I prefer lighter yoyos, so i love it.

Duncan metal drifter is hard to beat for the price