Best throw for learning new tricks (especially tech)?


Im looking for a new throw to learn complex tricks on that requires the yoyo to remain extremely stable and long spinning while I try new ideas, without the yoyo dying out. For example I just learned rancid milk and it was kinda hard when I was confused what to do and it kept dying on me. I know no yoyo is going to spin forever but I just want the best I can get.

Also there is this 15% off sale now, I want to know how often do other sales like this take place, and do the discounts get better than 15%?


Bi-metals seem to be made exactly for this purpose. Go check some out. CLYW’s new ones seem to be getting a TON of love, and there are some YYFs that aren’t too expensive.


Not really. 15% is pretty darn good. Especially since it applies to whatever you want to buy right now. The yearly “Mystery Box” deal runs about 50% off, but you don’t know what you’re getting until they ship. You always get something amazing and well worth your money but it’s still a mystery and it’s only once a year.

So yeah, grab the 15% deal while you can.


Thanks for letting me know!


Firrox has crazy amount of stability, find that I’ve been able to explore/create/learn at my own pace and found that it still returns with enough spin. It is a slightly wider yoyo (large catch zone) but I think this could be a worthy throw. The Firrox’s extreme H-shape adds to the stability too and holds pretty well at low RPMs.

There’s also the iYoyo Steel and the YYF Space Cowboy which are slightly narrower making it a bit easier on tech tricks.

If you want to save some cash, you might consider checking out the Vanguard which is also an H-shape and quite stable as it has most of its weight in the rims.


Lol I have the firrox already, but I figure something heavier would work even better. What do you think is best out of, start the riot, oracle, and steel?


Honestly, out of all of these, I think the Firrox takes the cake. Do yourself a favor though and get an Oracle, they’re a lot of fun!


You think the oracle performs better than riot and steel, or it is just unique?


Nobunaga is extremely stable. I wasn’t a massive fan of it though personally.


As mentioned earlier by Fuzzwad, bi-metals are great for learning new and complex tricks. They spin for a very long time and are very stable, plus they look cool :smiley: