Practice Yoyo

I need a Yoyo with a lot of weight and stability because the yoyos I have don’t hold themselves right while I’m trying to move my hands slowly around it for super techy stuff. I have:

Puffin 1
Puffin 2
Benchmark H(2013)
Y Factor

Out of all these the H is probably the best but I’m looking for something even better. I like One Drop, Cluw, ILYY, G2, and pretty much all other small companies.

Thanks so much,

What’s your price range?

Probaby tops out around $145.

Considered a bi-metal?

How about a vkss? Also maybe the Recess weekend. If you want it on the cheaper side the YYF Genesis is pretty stable and long spinning.

If you are looking at bimetal, the Recess Joy Ride deserves a look.

The Joyride is a monometal?

The yoyo I go to for learning tricks is my YYF Horizon. Has a nice weight and is super stable, and it has a CT bearing. Plus its around $45, so if I ding it I won’t be upset. I’d say save your money and go with a nice budget metal.