Best selling One Drop of all time? What One Drop did you "learn" the most about yo-yo design on?

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Also! Favorite Beer? IF it’s super craft (meaning, I’ll never try it unless I travel to Eugene or because it was a super small run) What is/was the style and flavor profile?


I am guessing it’s the Terrarian for best selling! Am I right???


I’d guess the original Project.


Top three best selling: Terrarian, Summit, Markmont Classic.

Our learning is definitely progressive but in the early years we were learning a ton along with everyone else. 2007-2010 was a very experimental time in high-end metal yoyos and it was awesome to a part of that.



What would you consider to be your most regrettable design to market?

Additionally, What’s the worst selling OD model?

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Don’t really have any regrets as we have always done the best we can for time we did it.

Not sure there is a worst seller since we’ve basically sold everything we’ve made. But the Yelets we only did one run - seemed to sell slowly. However, we are making a new run as it seems people are appreciating it more now. Maybe the name and story on it where a little too weird.


I personally think what happened was people bought the Yelets thinking it was an updated M1 with side effects, when it really was an entirely different yoyo, great in its own respects but wasn’t appreciated as such. But speaking of the M1, I’m sure a lot of people would love to see that get updated with side effects!

Probably off topic, but since you’re bringing back an old model could you guys consider bringing back those crazy side effects like the hubstack and stunt pegs ones? There are lots of appreciation for those.


Both of those are retired. They were experimental runs and there are various reasons we retired them.