Best region in the U.S.

Name the top 3 IYO
1st: Bay Area
2nd: Northeast
3rd: Mideast



  1. Bay Area
  2. Northwest
  3. Northeast

Bay area
North West
Mideast/southwest (mostly Arizona)

Define the criteria for “Best.”



The Northeast, home of YoyoExpert and TotalArtist…period. 8)

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There is no ‘best’ region.

To say there is, is simply ignorance.

Why support devisive postures?

Anyway; everybody already knows it’s always been the West Coast. So just face the truth and live with it, lol.

On an actual serious note > instead of drawing potentially unfounded conclusions about which region is ‘best’; instead, do your part to help make whatever region you are in ‘the Best’. Showing people is better than telling them.

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I said “IYO.” Sorry if I didn’t say it, but that means for the whole entire question. So your interpretation.

read the title.

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But that doesn’t give any criteria for forming an opinion as to what is best. How or why is “it” best. In what manner? Is it best girls, best weather, best ice cream best what???

it was meant as a joke.

Your interpretation. If you think that when I say “best” I mean best ice cream, then say what region has the best ice cream IYO

That’s impossible to say if you haven’t been to every region.

Oh well since you brought it up, what is the best region for girls? I love the ladies…

Okay just kiddin, we all know he means yoyos because if he meant something else, I’m sure he’d put it in the unrelated discussion topic. The question is kinda silly in the first place but it’s kinda interesting to hear what others think is the ‘best’ region.

Southeast fo sho

Discrimination. We will send our our magic moose’s and polar bears to find you

East Bay Area!