Best mirror finish?

For my next throw I want something with an amazing mirror finish. Something almost completely raw (only small logos). What is, in your guys’ opinions, the best playing mirror finish and best looking mirror finish. I REALLY like the look of the Sleipnir but don’t really want to spend that much on a throw right now. Any and all advice and opinions would be great! Thanks


Nickel Cascade

Ya I would say any of the one drop nickel throws that aren’t blasted. Only thing that you gotta do is polish them a lot if you wanna keep the mirror shine. Also u could send any yoyo to someone to mirror polish. There are a couple really good guys on the mod section that can do it. But then its not as tough as one with ano and can get raw scratches very easily.


Heres what i would do, send it to muclabob and have him mirror polish your yoyo. Then he can seal it in with a powdercoat witch is very durable i once droped it out my pocket and it just made a dent it did not scratch at all, his prices are very reasonable. I sent him my OD M1 and he did what i just said except he did a clear powder.