Best jack of all trades yo-yo?


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…and what would it be? I don’t know, I have not experienced everything out there…:unicorn:


Look at my first post in this topic…


You can throw some loops with this? I’ve thrown a few loops on non-loopers but it was very awkward - like taking a Sherman tank to a drive through for an order of french fries.


Hmm yeah if we are covering “can do all yo-yo disciplines including looping” then you don’t want anything too wide.


If guys 30-40 years ago could loop as well as do double or nothing with a narrow gap imperial-shaped fixed axle responsive… Wait, there’s already a topic / fist fight that covers all this so I digress…


That’s why I broke it down a bit. Yo-yos like the HotDiggity, and the Veritas Pro won’t do loops, but they can handle all kinds of grinds. Horizon and Shutter, are probably really good candidates as well.

The new/old school responsive bearing yo-yos are more in line with what you’re talking about.


The problem is that jack of all trades for yoyoing generally covers a LOT of ground. Trying to go from looping to the newest of new school is pretty difficult. There just aren’t a lot of yoyos that can do that.

Narrowing down the definition might might make for a more fun discussion. I think there are two three main ways to do this:

  1. A yoyo that can do old/new school responsive tricks and still be set up to do some unresponsive tricks.

  2. A yoyo that can handle all styles of unresponsive play (speed, horizontal, grinds, etc, however you want to define “styles”), but doesn’t do a particularly great job at any of them.

  3. A yoyo that can do multiple playing styles. Freehand, Offstring, 3A, 1A, etc. For the sake of conversation, we will leave 2A/looping out of this otherwise we’re going to get a similar answer to option #1.

EDIT: Added in the 3rd option.


Yes, this what I was getting at, but not explaining very well. It could be that there are just to many styles and disciplines to have a true Jack-of-All-Trades.

At least for “1” in your breakdown, I think it would have to be the Velocity, if you really think about how easily it switches between setups, and how drastically you can change the response. You could even set the gap to the right response for offstring.


Or the Pro Z?


Right! Again, Jack-of-All-Trades really means something or someone who tries to be able to do a lot of different things, but because of that, doesn’t really excel at any of them, or at the very least, doesn’t excel at all of them.

Even though, it’s not really what the OP had in mind, I don’t think.


No, I welcome this. :wink:


A third way to break this out might be to think about a yoyo that could do multiple play styles Freehand, Offstring, 1A, 3A, etc. I still think you need to leave looping/2A out or the conversation gets pretty limited.

In fact, I think I’m going to edit my previous post to add this in.


I seems to boil down to there being too many different ways to yo-yo, to have a true “Jack-of-All-Trades”. It’s really “Jack-of-Many-Trades”. I guess that is really what the expression means anyway, when you think about it.

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I would nominate something that can do all kinds of grinds, like the Jacknife


You’re just saying that because it has “Jack” in the name!

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Lol… you caught me.