Best jack of all trades yo-yo?

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Made me think of this

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come on, i’m not that dry. self promotion isn’t cool

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Why do you need to write complete sentences?

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Ive thought about this for a while now, and I think I’d have to say Puffin 2.

Edit-Holy crap! @Bearly posted my answer while I was typing it! The universe is a crazy place hahaha!

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Yeah I know, I’m just playing. I know you love the cadence :slight_smile:

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Did we just become soulmates




That r/ thread got weird fast! Even humans, when all the decorations are stripped away, are just striving to survive. Food, water. Jack of all trades yoyo? I think this would be something that could decently loop as well as go through a decent amount of modern stuff.


I’m suprised that no one has said many really expensive yo-yos yet!

(Jim Honaker) #30

There have been some really good suggestions already, and some wierd convos as well. But alas a jack-of-all-trades will still be quite different for everyone.

I really like the Deep State and now carry it everywhere. It can do alot of fixed axle-esque type tricks and some 1a. But it will never grind, fingerspin, or do horizontal well.

The Shutter is still in my opinion a great all-arounder. My preference would be the wide angle. It is really good and fun, mine is pink and green fade which catches the eye as well.

I also really like the Turntable 2.0. I picked it up in the mystery box and it is awesome. It grinds really well with the matte finish, fingerspins for days with cup, and has all the spin power I could ever use with a really comfortable rounded hand feel.

I am also really excited about the new Hotdiggidy 2nd run for a budget option. I just bought two to do a grey and blue half swap with my son. The new finish is really nice and it also has a small dimple for fingerspins. At 30 bucks it really is a steal!


Such as what?


Well I almost mentioned the Fianchetto, but the Jack-of-All-Trades was blurring a bit with EDC. The Parlay is in the same boat for me. I love both of those!

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Oh yea. that just happened. :smiley:


Draupnir, Bliss, etc.


How is a yo-yo like the Draupnir a Jack-of-All-Trades? It’s about as specialized as they come, with a singular focus on competition performance.


In my experience, it had a good spin time and it can handle a ton.


I think some people are looking at this conversation as being “if I could only have one yoyo”. And that’s not really the same as “jack of all trades”.


I’ll go Hot Diggidy at budget metal and Banshee '18 at high end.


For me - I’m gonna say the O/D Gauntlet.


Right, the full expression is, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” I haven’t played the Hot Diggidy, but it seems more like a yo-yo that fits the term, than some others that have been suggested.

Then again, it was the OP who suggested the Draupnir…