Best jack of all trades yo-yo?


I nominate the cadence. :wink:




Lately it’s been the moonwalker for me. It’s small and can play any speed with great spin times and stability.


Jack of all trades yoyos are my favorite. They hit the middle ground and really can do anything. I have 3 yoyos for this. Curvy dontut man, rebellion butcher, yys Triple Point.


For me, it’s the AntiYo YWET. If I had to pick one metal yoyo to keep, I’d fight to keep at least 6 :joy: , it’d be the YWET.

(Choncworth) #6

Agreed, great price point too.




For me it’s the Veritas Pro. Has a FS dimple, IGR, grinds well, and performs well overall.

Also, the Deep State. You can lube it up well enough to do STM, loops, and Stalls; yet the gap is big enough to handle a few layers and do many string tricks. @edhaponik has said his goal setup it to be able to do STM, and Spirit Bomb back to back. Well my plebeian responsive bearing version is STM and Mach 5. The Deep State does it best for me. The SpeedDial, Velocity, AlleyCat 650b, and the Confusions with the slim pads, all also work well for me in that respect. I just really like the Deep State.

They might not make it as “best ofs” by many here, but the SpeedDial and Velocity can go from super responsive to unresponsive, so love 'em or hate 'em they are definitely “Jack of All Trades” yo-yos. I find them both a lot of fun!

Didn’t mean to reply directly to Aaron…

(Victorian YoYos) #9

Onedrop T1, but if you don’t care on price I’d say edge beyond.

(Choncworth) #10

Such a good yoyo.


Bapezilla or even a Bapezilla2. But man that underdog…

(Victorian YoYos) #12

Agreed, especially the nickel plated ones. Such as my destroyed one :slight_smile: still plays like a dream


Explain how this is destroyed :thinking:

(Victorian YoYos) #14

You can’t really see it in this picture, but it shows a lot of love


I would say any generic inexpensive metal V-ish shaped yoyo like the Magic YoYo N12, our buddy the Shark’s Honor.


(Do … sharks have a concept of honor?)


Do any animals have a concept of honor?


Humans do! BEST. ANIMAL. EVER.


That’s debatable! If I watch the news for ten minutes I never want to hug a human, I’m like “lemme go show the cat some love”

(Ethan Evans) #19

I also nominate the cadence

(Victorian YoYos) #20

I’d expect you to nominate the exponent