Best intermediate yoyo

Hello everybody!

I am looking for a good unresponsive yoyo for A1 tricks in an intermediate level and I was wondering if any of you guys could give me any suggestions!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Axis mixtape is amazing it’s one of my favorite all around yoyos

What’s your price range?

Skyva for plastic.
TOO Hot for metal. Or Horizon. Or Kilter 2. Or most anything, it’s hard to go wrong in the current market.

I don’t know about intermediate level, but I suggest, that since you are still beginning unresponsive play, don’t get spend a ton of money.  Try something like the YoYoFactory Replay Pro ( or the MagicYoyo Skyva (  Both are $20 or less, plastic, unresponsive yoyos.  They are still really good, especially for the price range.  If you still consider yourself beginner/intermediate level, I wouldn’t drop any more money on a yoyo just yet.  (Actually, when I was at the intermediate level, I did, but I never used the yoyo to its full potential and it was a waste of money, looking back on it).

Anyways, I hope this helps and good luck!


YYF Replay Pro is your cheapest quality option. If you can go an extra $5 I suggestion the MagicYoYo Skyva. If you want a metal the YYO Kilter 2 at $30 is great and is noticeably better than both the skyva and replay pro.

All of this, but I’d go for the Skyva right out since it is the most unique of the three.

I like the Kilter 2, but fingerspins.

Might not be as good as the skyva, but the Kilter 2 is still very good at them for a flat-cupped yoyo.

I would agree with this. My first inclination was to say “Get a Shutter. Everyone has a Shutter”. but honestly, as good as the Shutter is, I like my TOO H.O.T. way more than my Shutter. The TOO H.O.T. is a great suggestion.

I honestly think the Shutter is overhyped because everyone has one. It was very likely the best yoyo at that price range back when it was released but I think there’s other throws that have been made since then in the same price range that challenge if not beat the Shutter in terms of performance. Stealth, Aluminum Dream, some YYO, and maybe Accelerator and Acro come to mind.

I can see your point. But one of the advantages of the Shutter, because it’s so popular, is that is serves as a good reference point for other yoyos. If I say “My TOO H.O.T. is more stable than my Shutter and it doesn’t feel quite as angular in the hand” that’s something that a lot of people can understand because so many of them own a Shutter.

Then again, we’re also sort of ignoring how easy it is to end up collecting lots of yoyos. Every time I see a post asking “What’s the best yoyo for X?” I think “Dude, if you really get into yoyoing then 6 months from now you’ll have a dozen yoyos anyway. :wink: So just try one of the suggestions and go from there.” Of course, for many, probably all, yoyoers cost is an issue. None of us have an infinite amount of expendable cash. So these suggestions are all helpful.

Shutter is a standard to see what you like