Best fighting force on the planet

I was gonna make this a poll but there are to many options. So, who do you think is the best/most effective fighting force (ie. military, navy etc.) on the face of the earth. For me it is the navy SEALS. What are your thoughts?

There is no better fighting force, they just kill people.


in my view, governments dont fight, they go to war, and so does the military they control… (I suppose this view is mostly because governments dont always reflect the view of the people they represent, for instance, every day people usually dont want to start a war unless they are heavily and effectivly subject to propaganda) people, or small groups of people fight… so in that case, individuals such as Bruce Lee would fill that position nicely, or a certain genre of warrior so to speak, such as (in some cases) a samurai

just my thoughts… over analyzed the question a bit

I think that words and Mr. Miyagi (from the karati kid) type people are the best fighting forces. Granted, words arent really used for physical fighting, but they can still cahnge a lot and combat something great without getting anyone hurt.

Mr. Miyagi type people are just flat out boss. They are smart and can win a “battle” without throwing a punch. But, when push comes to shove they have Chuck Norris like attributes lol.

But seriously-some of the best fighting forces dont even need violence.

But yeah, the SEALS are probably one of the best, too.

Maybe i should rephrase the question. What /who is the best fighter on earth in your opinion? hope this works better. ;D

Some mma champ. Like silva, he can perty much destroy anybody hand to hand.

perhaps not in modern times, because one is not likely to encounter a samurai, but assuming so, a ufc champ would have to get inside sword range, giving the samurai a huge advantage… same with users of other proximity type weapons both of the past and today

he said HAND to HAND combat… not hand to sword combat.


ehh… so I misread a little… hand to hand kinda reads like one on one… oh well, given the choice, id rather be the guy with the sword

Chuck Norris’ legs, law and order.

If I had to guess:

U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM)

The American military known as Special Operations Forces, or SOF’s. This new “branch” of the armed forces was created in the mid-1980’s and is organized under its own unified command, called U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM). Consisting of special units from the other branches of the armed forces, such as Green Berets, Rangers, SEALs, and Delta Force, this new fighting command is recognized internationally as the most well-trained and well-equipped special operations force in the world.

Israeli Commandos and Army rangers Snipers

the best, most elite is the US SAS

The Avengers!!!

Back in the day, Spetsnaz…Now, Israeli military is pretty vicious. as for super attack forces…

This post brings a point to mind that I would like to suggest. Should the fighting forces/people be real?