Best competition yoyo for a kid

what are some of the most balanced advance yoyo’s for young competitors what are not hard to find? some over $100 and under $100 examples to compare. thanks

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Here are some of the most popular in stock options:


I’ve really been liking the c3 krown wide style since i picked one up. I think they’re only available on rewind right now but it’s a really nice competition style yoyo for 45$. It does play really light and fast. For over 100$, I would probably say the shutter elite. I think that one’s been really popular especially with younger players.

Depends on the style
1a hydrogen crash
2a loop 2020 (kinda hard to find but it’s as easy to maintain as the 720 and way better)
3a libre 6061
4a flex
5a Galaxy diver 7075
All my opinions ofc

Thanks. I like the Outlier+ very stable. but very big for an 8 year old little hands. also I am looking to yoyoexperts’s national yoyo day sale code. I see the promo but don’t see the code to enter.

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The code is entered automatically :grin:

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Not my personal choice of yoyos. But if you want to score a sweet deal, go to the Offset website and grab the Outlier+ and mini Outlier bundle.

The Outlier+ will be really wide, but the yoyo probably wont limit the kiddo for a long long time. The mini is good for practice and fits small hands.

Thats a full $65ish off retail.

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Not a hydrogen or plasma crash. Those rims are sharp for kids

Does your skin become tougher as you mature?

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I vote for the Trion Crash

It has a moderate size.
Competitive enough.
With a PC rim which makes it safer.
Currently on sale!

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I’ve never played one, but the Edge Beyond should probably be in this conversation. I have played the Edge 2022, and it’s amazing (though harder to come by).

New, there are some for $100, but with the sale back in May, you should be able to find them on the BST for waaay less (like <$75 for the re-release versions).

Besides “balanced,” having more criteria would help you not get 100+ options in this thread, lol.

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Ok geez…

Strongly agree with this

YYF shutter wide angle. it’s like 50$ or something and plays great.

Brass Exia and Edge beyond are really good competition yoyos.

I would agree with the Shutter Wide Angle for the following reasons:

  1. It’s a monometal, so it will be more durable than a bi-metal. Important for a kid given they are probably going to ding it often and it’ll extend its lifetime.

  2. It’s cheaper than a bi-metal. Important for if they decide they want a “competition set” (2 or 3 of the same model in case they get a snag and need to quickly replace the yo-yo during a competition).

  3. It’s a very well known yo-yo so when they’re asking their friends other people about new yo-yos, they can get quick comparisons to it to know if they’ll like the yo-yo.

The above will apply to quite a few YYF monometals honestly, the Shutter is maybe just the most well known as well as being quite a balanced yo-yo. I imagine the Deviant line from Offset will have similar benefits as well as the well known C3 monometals.


Haymaker OG:

Great size for smaller hands. Fantastic stability and spin-time for an “undersized” yoyo.

Only caveat is the bi-metal construction. It won’t be as durable as mono-metals.


Idk I would let them pick something they think looks cool. Not really a best out there that exists or all competitors would be using the same Yoyo and they don’t. 99% of yo-yos are very good and people compete with all different kinds of yo-yos. Lots of good options here. Maybe show them a few options and see what they think?


2002 duncan freehand 2 right out of it packaging