Best competition yoyo for a kid

Great answer! Lol

Awesome video though

Thanks for all the great suggestions. I think he’ll have to wait for it. Currently he just stole my wilderness and likes how wide it is and it’s kind of light.


Thats awesome! Best route honestly. Its hard to tell what he would like in a competition level throw, so may as well let him find his own path!

For reasons similar to the Shutter, the Atlas makes a great 5a and a good 1a competition yoyo.

If I let him choose he’ll wants the Miracle or a titanium yoyo. lol


Smart kid! :laughing::laughing:

Glad he is enjoying a wider yoyo! Im on a wide kick myself. Its tough with kids since you never know what they will like.

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I just think since he is still new at it and getting string tangled a lot a winder yoyo might hit multiple string when he didn’t mean to. Like going into a 1.5 mount and hitting the back string when the gap is so small because of his hand. While landing Eli hope is easier doing black hops he would not be able to separate the strings

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