Budget Competition Throw

What is the best competition yoyo under $55? It has to have all the attributes a competition throw needs.

SD Flow

Whatever is on my BST :wink: jk

I think the shutter or too hot would be great :wink:


That is the most confident answer I’ve seen all day :wink:

Hahahaha! :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you define a “competition” throw?

A good yoyo.

That’s literally the most subjective parameter. I mean short of just, I’m looking for “a yo-yo”. But even then, who would want a bad yo-yo? The question is more, what do you consider to be a good yo-yo, or a yo-yo you would compete with.

This is just as subjective. It depends on how you plan to compete: Zach Gormley, Suzuki style or somewhere in between?

It is subjective, but the point was to be more specific about their particular subjective needs. Rather than, “a good yoyo” explaining what they felt made a good yoyo (still subjective) would allow others to help. Just as explaining what that person feels is a competition yoyo, although still subjective, would be helpful beyond just “good”.

Lol, sorry! I didn’t exactly read all of the comments previously so I thought you started the thread and was asking…
Sorry for the confusion!!! :smiley:

My point still stands though. How do you want to competitively play? Speed, slow tech, or what?

There are plenty of “competition” capable yoyos in the $20-$30 price range.

Here’s a couple:


The question really comes down to are you “competition” capable?

+1 for A good yoyo.

Just about every yoyo avaliable is a good yoyo, so it’s not as subjective as it seems.

I would say the shutter if you are more tech and the Dogma If you like speed play IMO

Shutter for $55 and under, Shu-ta is better though, but it’s $65.