Best Colorway companies?


Which companies do you guys think make the best colorways/anno’s
For me it has to be recrev. They way they do their splashes with the yoyos just looks flawless.


CLYW, C3, YYR and RecRev.


Two companies with hit or miss design, but always-amazing execution: C3 and MonkeyFinger Design. And when they hit, they hit hard!


Gotta say, G Squared has been putting out some beautiful colorways of late.


madhouse always does cool stuff

(mint) #6

CLYW, has always made really nice speckles and splashes.

(Alex Fairhurst) #7

Deadly Spins has some dope colorways.


MFD 100%


Clyw, od, g2.

(major_seventh) #10

CLYW, General Yo Aman Colorways

(kclejeune) #11

Hmm… CLYW, onedrop, G2, MonkeyFinger, and C3 are the first ones I think of.


G2 is doin some cool stuff!


Definitely G2, CLYW and of course Monkeyfinger.