Top 3 companies based on colorway

What companies have the coolest colorways in your opinion? Maybe an explanation as to why or any specifics!

  1. Caribou Lodge: They set the standard when I was starting yoyoing as to what was a cool colorway. None of the other yoyos I ever saw could match the absolute beauty I saw in them. I never owned one however until about a year ago. They still have my favorite colorways. A couple favorites include: hulk smash fade, Pete the purple squirrel, and the blizzard colorways.

  2. G Square: absolutely stunning! Have you seen the yoyoexpert colorway!!! I don’t own any yet but when I get the money and one with the right color pops up, I hope I can snag one!

  3. The third one is difficult and a three way tie for last does this thread little justice. One drop is going to get the place though. They have such beautiful solid colorways. I especially like the nickel, sand, and red!

Honorable mentions: yyf and monkey finger

  1. G2
  2. OD
  3. MFD



G2 / Amplified (its a tie for me)

MFD, CLYW, OD…honorable mention is yoyo officer

^same. MFD CLYW OD

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My favorite finish so far is nickel plating or raw, and Ive had a lot of different yoyos.

As for a finish, I really like the ILYY candy coating texture and for designs my new CLYW manatee in black w color splatter is really nice.


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Basecamp or yyf

Colorway is a second or third factor in my purchase decisions. Not really important unless it’s really ugly.

Colorway isn’t my first reason but it can definitely break a tie between two yoyos! Any thoughts on what some of your favorites are? :slight_smile:

Most of my stuff is legacy, fluchs, hspin, YYJ, spintastics, duncan, buzzon, spyy, difeyo, older YYF, TK/BC wood, yomega. All solid color or raw.


Oh, and I want to add amplified return tops to my honorable mentions! Some are a little funky for me but some are just amazing!

I’m shocked no one mentioned C3…