The Colorway Thread


I haven’t seen anything like this so I figured I’d start one! The idea of this thread would be to list the top 3 most popular color-ways of each company! I’ll start with CLYW.

  2. Yogi
  3. Any of the blizzard varieties.


I would say you list is invalid.

  1. Bip Bop
  2. 28 Stories
  3. Jack Rabbit

Just my opinion. I think Bip bop and 28S for sure and then Jack Rabbit could be swapped around.


I’ll take a stab at YoyoFactory:

  1. Red, black, white (or silver). I can name at least fifteen different yo-yos they have used that color combo on. I love them for it. They are the leading maker of yo-yos with those colors. Not “official” YoyoExpert Editions (that’d be One Drop), but definitely the leader of making that colorway. Protostar, HOT, Genesis, DV888, Supernova to name a few.

  2. Blue/Gold. I’ve seen it on several yo-yos. I believe I’ve seen it on the HOT, Catalyst, Supernova, Counter Attack and DV888 among others.

  3. Black/Silver (or white). I’m just guessing on that one. I believe I’ve seen it on the 888, Supernova, and SuperG and some others.