Top 3 Colorways ever! Any company!

Just saw a Top 3 CLYW retired colorways, so I wanted to know everyone’s favorite colorway of any brand! :slight_smile:

My top 3 Would have to be:

  1. The Works Colorway from VsNYYC.

  2. 28 Stories from CLYW.

  3. Ninja Hurdles from CLYW.

What’s everybody else’s favorite? Might post pictures later.

1.Jason Wong Skittles
2. Bip Bop
3. The Model 10 Jason Anoed

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Snow drift by spin dynamics
Blizzard by CLYW
YYE edition by onedrop

Here are some of my favorites… might be a little busy, but kinda cool none the less. I do like solid purple throws though… Also BBLS is my favorite not busy colorway

Nickel, Clear, “RootBeer Blizard”.

My tastes definitely lie with the more minimalistic colorways (if you can call them colorways).

Although it’s so hard for me to tell the top 3…

Luminous YoYoJokerX44clashXkikstyo
There are many good colourways from CLYW that I’ve seen, but this is by far the most enjoyable colourway for me.
Was honoured to have one of those. Won it from a prediction giveaway. Such an artwork!

  1. Jason Wong SILVER Skittles
  2. Whatever they called that Aman one on the M10s
  3. … don’t have a third. After my top-2, there are so many others that could fill this spot!

Bip bop
Fire blizzard
Ah who am I kidding… I’m never gonna be able to narrow it down to three… :slight_smile: