Best Names For Colorways


This is for the best names for colorways. I consider the best names, names that sound good and best represent what you see when you look at the yo-yo. I first thought the company that anodizes comes up with the names (it’s their work), but it seems the yo-yo manufacturer names them :-\

Anyway, Some of the best names in my opinion (I don’t necessarily like all the colors) are:

Hair Band
Hulk Smash


Have you seen the Hot Fire Lava Summit?

It looks like the yo-yo was touched by Magmar.


It does look awesome, that one definitely makes the list!


Canadian Tuxedo ;D


Another good one RedTwo! I’ve got some questions for you guys, because this is an area where I know nothing. I usually buy solids.

The new dragonslayer cascade has “red” in it. I have a few dragonslayers a Yelets and Code 2, and they have orange instead…no red. Has dragonslayer changed, or just a different version of dragonslayer? That one threw me off a bit…still looks nice though.

Also, another question…the company that anodizes the Hulk Smash, for example. Can they make that colorway for other companies, or does CLYW have an exclusive right to it? Basically, who owns the rights to the colorway design, the anodizer or the yo-yo manufacturer?


Dragon Slayer has red in it.
Earlier, OD wasn’t getting a good red in the ano job and it came out more orangey. Some were so light that they released it as “Burning Ember”. But they’re getting much better reds in their Dragon Slayers now.


I see. It was never the “red” I’m used to. I thought it was a darker orange. Now, it’s a very red looking red. Also, that Yelets seems to have a dark orange, a lighter orange, and yellow. They are all different looking actually. If I collected yo-yos by the colorway, I might consider this colorway inconsistent due to the recent change. I would have liked to see it stay the same for uniformity…but oh well.

This is my Code 2:
code2 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

This is my Yelets:
yelets by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Big difference now. It might take some getting used to:


zip zop (clyw)
blueberry klobber (mfd)
chknstrps (clyw)
party animal (clyw)


So far, CLYW seems the standout for naming colorways. A cut above the rest? :-\


Most likely, there are few companies that actually name their colorways.


G2 has some amazing colorways and colorway names. Arkham Asylum is one of my favorites.


Burnt carp and common carp. By far the best color ways ever.

(G2 Jake) #13

Bip bop


Who was the first to do it? Anyone in the history books for that yet?




Double That


That is definitely in the top 3 names of all time…for sure. It may be #1.


Grizzly bear clown town. Robot v Ninja Moose. CLYW has some great imaginative names.

(WildCat23) #19

Spray tan


I like the sound of Foxy Moss (CLYW)