Best Clyw?

Im looking for a clyw but from all the reviews ive read and watched they all seem steez. So I want your opinion. Im more of a slack, smooth flow player.

Chief, Cliff, and Puffin. Make your pick

Sasquatch, H5 x Chief, Original BvM (not necessarily first run ones. Just BvM #1), Bassalope (SB or LB)

The reason I chose these is because they are all relatively slow or heavy in my opinion. Since you like slacks and smooth play, I figured weight would be a good place to start (At least I think so).


There is no “best”, only different. Its all about how big, wide you want or what kind of shape you like.

I love the bvm2

BvM2 is the one winning all the contests this year, so it’s the closest to “best” by definition. Of course all of them are great, just find one that you like it’s shape and looks.