Best 60 dollar throw


I have a budget of 60 dollars and I am looking to buy the best yoyo for around that price. I am looking into buying a yoyojam revival because it’s new and it looks really cool, or a one drop rally which most people say is the best plastic yoyo. I am looking for a yoyo with long sleep times and good stability. Any suggestions?


One Drop Benchmark H or Werrd Hour

(rizkiyoist) #3

Get Magicyoyo T5 + Magicyoyo N11 + Magicyoyo N12, should be about $60.
Seriously, if you are looking for the best dollar-to-performance wise no one can beat Magicyoyo, yet.


I think for “around” $60, you have some great options. You can get a splashed, blasted Shutter (Alien Galaxy or Ann Connolly Editions). Those play and feel amazing at about $64.99. It has the sleep time and stability you are looking for. Those splashes are gorgeous too.


The rally is awesome if you want a plastic. If you want a metal I’d suggest one of the OD benchmark series (probably H as Andy said), YYF Shutter, Duncan Torque, or C3 Level 6 (haven’t played a Level 6 but heard great things). You could probably pick up any of these, except the benchmark, AND a MYY N12 for $60 or just over. You can grab an N12 from a lot of places for just over $20 and they are incredible for the price.


For stability and long sleep times get the YoYoFactory Shutter for $45. Amazing yoyo and great value.

Magic YoYos are a phenomenal value especially the N12 (about $17 at that auction website). I also really like the T5 and T6 (about $11 each at that auction website).


Werrd Minute is a real player and a lot of fun too. If you can stretch another $5 the 86400 is a beast.


Yoyofficer Musket.


YoYofficer has treated me well.


Have to recommend the YYF Shutter or one of the OD Benchmarks.


This. It’s amazing. Werrd is where it’s at. If you cannot spend the extra $5-$10 that an 86400 would cost I also vote for a Yoyofficer. I’ve loved all the ones I’ve purchased. Very large assortment of options and colors as well.