60 dollar metal yoyo


Im looking for a metal in the 60 dollar range im thinking of a yyj theory anything you guys think is better? Im in advanced tricks so im looking for something with a long sleep time that is really smooth. Thanks for the replys youve sent im now looking towards a horizon or a shutter.


YoyoFactory has a great line of yo-yos in that range. TooH.O.T., Shutter, Horizon, Cypher, and CZM8 are all great yo-yos that fit the criteria. I think you can decide what looks the most interesting to you. But, I highly recommend that TooH.O.T. above all else in that range. It’s a personal favorite. :wink:

https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8565/16503385250_c1d390eea1.jpgTATH3q by The TotalArtist, on Flickr




Any C-bearing yoyo will sleep for long times. I had a Duncan Raptor I made sleep for 11 minutes, a Yomega Yo-mod for 6 minutes, a Duncan Freakhand for 3 minutes.

I’m mostly into Duncan and Yomega so my recommendations would be skewed towards them, so for Duncan you have:
Torque ($45)
Echo 2 ($45)
Strix ($55)

Glide (solid colors $60)


Any of the yyfs are good, as well as the c3 budgets. Yyo seems to make good stuff too


Benchmarks, cyborg 2.0
The benchmarks are side- effect enabled.
Cyborgs have the shape of positron 2, while being made of 7075 aluminum which is harder, less dings.


The Horizon is a pretty great throw, so is the Torque. These have been suggested for obvious reasons and will spin, spin, spin.


Also shuta is good


So many good yoyos in this range. I have not played most of them, though.

One that I HAVE played a bunch is the TooHOT. The price tag is irrelevant because it performs in the same league as every other top-tier yoyo. It’s like the price tag is a “whoops!”

I’m particularly interested in the C3 Accelerator, too, but I’ve yet to try one.

(major_seventh) #10

Torque is my favorite.

That throw is just so fun.


I have a Too HOT, it really is a super fun yoyo, right up there with throws that cost 2x the price.


I agree that the Cypher is a good one for around $60.

But even above the Cypher I would recommend the Yoyofficer throws around or under that price. The Orbis and Musket are very, very good Yoyos.

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I have to say the C3 Accelerator. I consider it the Shutter killer. It is super fast and Solid. It is just on a different level in that price range IMO.


it s a niche yoyo just like the phenom.
do you even orbis



*now $69


I’m really enjoying my Shutter. But yes, there are a lot of good choices in that price range.


I Agree !! :wink:

The Accelerator has great stability, and speed. It has the same solid feeling of the P-Wave, but is much lighter and faster. It’s one of the best C3 YoYo’s I have purchased in quite some time.
To compare it to the Shutter is almost unfair…IMO.