Since the Berserker was the obvious choice; chosen by 6 people, what colorway should I get?

SuperG is probably IMO the best YYF ever produced and I know many would agree. The trident is also an amazing throw. It’s super smooth and it looks amazing especially in the colorway you listed. I love both of those throws and those are the 2 I voted for. I haven’t played the others though

Wow. I loved the Super G, but it hurt my middlefinger every time it came back to my hand.

o <- fingernail
[ ]
( ) <— The fat part in the middle of your middle finger
[ ]
_ _

OHKAY! C3 Yoyodesign Berserker it is! Now, what colorway…

Loved my Peter Pong one. Spins with this gorgeous silver/mint green look that’s just beautiful.

What are your favorite colors?
In my opinion, the YoYoExpert edition looks best. For some reason black and red look epic on yoyos!

I personally would get the clear coat. Or maybe the Peter Pong edition.

I own two black w/ gold splashes but I really like the Peter Pong edition.

Because we all know the colorway affects how you play :wink:
Pick whatever color you want, it is your yoyo.