Whatis your favorite consistently good colorway?

I was curious on what people like the most as far as color ways concern. Not looking for recomendations just want to know what yall’ are diggin’.

For me it has got to be Perfect storm
With Hulk Blood trailing behind.

BBB, aman, and yogi :wink:

You can’t really call Perfect Storm ‘consistently good’ since it literally just came out.

I want to say Jack Rabbit but it’s not even close to consistent.

So I’ll go with choice B) solid black. Never disappoints.


Yogi isn’t very consistent. But my favorite has to be Jack Rabbit, Hulk Smash, or Alex Berenguel. And my favorite color way is 28 Stories. But it isn’t very consistent. The blues are always different, or at least have been recently

What I mean is that I consistently like how all of the perfect storm yoyos look nice while I cannot say the same thing for some splashes like 28 stories and the Harrison Hurricane colorway. Sure, they have yet to come out with a bad Perfect storm but I see what you mean.

I love the non-speckle colorways in here:


Raw and polished.

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Hulk Smash. Yoyos need moar comic book themed/named colorways.

Very nice pic Joe!!

Owngry said it.

Raw dog

Blue lol I love blue throws. They match many color strings and solid colors are always consistent and don’t look weird while spinning and are cheaper.


I’m a bit colorblind so I prefer Pink YoYo’s simply because I find it’s an easy color for my eyes to see.

I also really prefer Black & un-engraved YoYo’s as well. Love that stealth look… ;D

The fades that One Drop used to put on their yoyos like the Project, M1, and Dingo always looked great. Dunno if they still do that.

Also, CLYW colorways like Delirium Dive, Blizzard, and Fire Blizzard are fantastic, consistently being my favorite on every single yoyo that has that option.

And who doesn’t like a two-tone?

I enjoy several. I love solid black, blue, silver and gold. But, my favorite as you know:

YYEHeart by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

These are at the top of the list too:

Blizzards by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Black, blue, silver, gold, and YYE Edition are tops for me.

Like TA said, I like YYE Editions and Blizzards. I have neither but some are on the way to my wish list. :smiley:

Clear anyone?