1. Something that promotes or enhances well-being; an advantage: The field trip was of great benefit to the students.
    2. Help; aid.
  1. A payment made or an entitlement available in accordance with a wage agreement, an insurance policy, or a public assistance program.
  2. A public entertainment, performance, or social event held to raise funds for a person or cause.
  3. Archaic. A kindly deed.
    Hello again my friends at YYE.
    As most of you know, I have dedicated myself into a mini-series of threads, discussing problems that I see in the yoyo community. This is again, al my opinion, observations and is all up for debate. Well, not all of it this time. Just bear with me.
    I’ve decided that I’ve been negative enough in my threeads, and it’s time for a positive word.

Now I know what you’re saying,“But Quinton! We all know the benefits of yoyoing. It’s that feeling you get when you land Spirit Bomb on a Stock FAST 201”. well. Yeah, the feeling of landing an amazing trick on a more amazing yoyo is a great benefit. But today I wanted to talk about the other benefits of yoyoing. The rest of you are saying “Pshh, Q’s gone crazy, like I don’t know the benefits of yoyoing”. You people just hang tight. I’m ACTUALLY going somewhere with this post. ( I know! Not very usual for me)

Well, first of all. I think that yoyos really open up the doors to more intelligence. Okay, not everyone who yoyos is really really smart. But the majority of us are, myself excluded. It’s been proven that people who express themselves in an artistic manner score higher in standardized tests such as the ACTs. Yoyoing is an art form. A very expressive and pure art form in my opinion. So yoyoing makes you smarter! Well, then again. It’s also been proven that dressing up for the ACTs wil make you score better as well. So you can spend hours on end and 100s of dollars in yoyos and string to score better, or you can go to walmart and buy a polo and slacks…I think I’ll go with the Polo.

Well, yoyoing doesn’t make you smarter. Hmm.

Did you know that it takes 47 muscles and four decisions a second to land a proper Double or nothing? That means that yoyoing must make you wicked coordinated. I mean, think about it. A good yoyoer can move faster than the eye can see and not make a mistake. But then again, coordination is kind of something you have, and don’t learn. dang…

Okay, so it doesn’t really make you smarter, and you’re already wicked coordinated…


Well!!, what about when you’re at your first contest and you hear the people cheer for you and hear that announcer say your name. You get up there and start playing. People clap there hands when your done. What an AMAZING feeling. But then again, you could get the same feeling from the school play. (I personally love the feeling of going on stage and getting nervous. I thrive off of that.)

Hm. It doesn’t make you smarter. It doesn’t help your coordination. Doesn’t give you anymore of that tingly feeling on stage than your School’s version of Beauty and the Beast.

I’m sorry, but. We spend 1000s of dollars on yoyos string and it does nothing for us. except when we land a trick!! Oh. Wait. Quinton, you forgot something! “What’s that my other half?” Two things actually.


WOW. Just…Wow. The people in yoyoing are some of the most insane, goofiest, funniest people you’ll ever know. I’ve met so many life long friends (At least I consider them friends, I may just be “That kid” to them) . Jacob. Alex. Brian. Brett. Matt. Arif. Mike. Joshua. Just to name a small few.

If I had to choose one reason to stick with yoyoing, it’s the people. You meet the most amazing people when you yoyo. Sometimes I wonder who I’d know if I hadn’t starting throwing! I can tell you one thing, not nearly as many awesome people. Trust me, I could go on for days about the people I’ve met.

Not only do you meet fellow yoyoers, you meet people who are amazed at what you do. Yoyoing can open up doors for you. Just by the people you meet.

I had one more thing to say. Oh yeah!

The other benefit of yoyoing. Love.

There is always a feeling of love when I yoyo.

There’s just a feeling when I throw a yoyo, a wierd feeling of being a part of something huge.

I guess this one didn’t really go where I wanted it to.

My goal is to try and get you guys to think about what yoyoing is.

Sorry this didn’t go in any real direction.

-Quinton Haley

Space cadet extraordinaire

PS. Chickens.


Without the people there would’nt be this great community

The problem with this post, is that there is no mention of chickens anywhere.

But yeah, great post.

You should be like a motavational speaker. JK lol! But really, cool post, didn’t know it took 47 muscels to land Double or Nothing. Nice post. :slight_smile:

Now I’m gonna keep doin Double or Nothing till I get buff! :stuck_out_tongue:

~James Reed!

Haha Quints talkin up a storm. ;D I like it.

And you’ll be that one kid to the people i know, but your the little q to me haha.
btw, my parents think your crazy for trying to get me to go to idaho w/ you. :wink:

out of all your long posts, this one is my favorite. Thought i’m pretty sure yoyoing makes you more quordinated… Now if only it could improve my spelling…

i did’t get the point of this thread by my logic. . . but something inside me that love to yoyo (and to make great friend like you Q) somehow have a clear point of view about yoyoing after reading Q’s post.

great post Q, really like it.

yeah, i didn’t know take so much muscle to yoyo, and such split second decision.
to bad it didn’t use muscle on my ab though. . . ;D


We love you to Q, LOL!!! I dig this post!

But I thought your fingers already had six packs. :stuck_out_tongue:

I LOL’d at the Space Cadet Extraordinaire and the Chickens part. :smiley: Anyways, amazing post! :wink:

It doesn’t make you smarter eh? I saw a juggler on Time Warp (the show on the Science Channel not the trick :P) and apparently it’s been proven that juggler’s use 3% more brain mass than regular people. Yoyoing by my logic seems to be pretty similar to juggling in terms of coordination, split-second decisions, etc. so if my reasoning follows, yoyoing may actually make you smarter!

i do get kinda tired when trying to repeatably pull off quadrouble lacerations and such though…

I don’t see how standerdized tests and any art form are related. I can see art and other types of mental improvement can be realted including things like problem solving and stuff like that but all and all this is a really great post and a very positive train of thought for the people on this forum.
Thank You.

I may not interact much here but Ive been lurking for months. Its people like Q that keep me coming back. Well done on the post and thank you all for making an open and accepting community.

Great post as always Q.

Me too.