Benefits of a Homemade Silicone Response System?

I currently have an O-Ring in my YYJ Kickside, what will change if I take it out and put in a homemade silicone response system?

Your yoyo will be more unresponsive if you change to silicone.

O-Rings tend to stick out of the recess, causing it to be more responsive.

But if you put in any silicone that is flush, it will be more unresponsive. It also might be less snaggy.

But please note, that I mentioned ANY silicone that is flush, not only homemade.

Homemade, just makes it more customizable, as you can easily change the depth of the silicone. And it’s much cheaper to do it your self. A tube of silicone around 2$-10$, can fill up to 40-50 yoyo’s. And it costs a few dollars just to get one yoyo filled with buying them done online.

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Just sayin’, you can get a tube of silicone at a 99 cent store/dollar store. so $1-$10. :wink:

Yes, I heard about it but I wasn’t too sure but thanks. :wink: