being "serious" about yoyoing


just gave it some thought, I think there’s nothing wrong with being serious about yoyoing, as long as you accept the fact that other people might not be.


Personally, we should be accepting of others differences and opinions regardless of what we view as serious. If you’re passionate about something then go for it, you shouldn’t allow others to attempt to take your passion from you.


There’s nothing wrong with being serious about yoyo’ing.

My personal position is that I’m doing this for personal enjoyment, fun, relaxation and my own amusement. It’s only serious from the position of I need this(or something else0 to help manage other things in my life, namely stress levels and manage depression.

Since we’re here to basically enjoy what we are doing with the yoyo, “serious” is a matter of interpretation. What is serious to one is not serious to others. As a community, the people who come here should be people who are interested in the yoyo, regardless of their level of commitment or involvement. This can include people thinking about it, all the way up to competitors and people making their living off of the hobby/sport, and everything in between.

Priority 1 is fun. If it wasn’t fun we wouldn’t do it, or at least I hope not. Why engage in such an activity if it doesn’t bring some degree of enjoyment, right?

So, I’m going to go back to having fun. I’m serious about having fun.


That’s a motto for life, right there.


Thanks. I’m living it. Everything I do, I have fun doing. Fortunately, for me, my work is fun. And I’m self employed. I mean, why do it if I don’t enjoy it.

YoYo is a welcome diversion from my other fun.

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Heh heh, In all seriousness though, there is no reason why getting serious about yoyoing would be strange or wrong. People get serious about just about anything that involves competition, it’s human nature. Be it hot dog eating or yoyoing.

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I am serious about yoyoing, in that I do it more than most people I guess. It is something that is fun, that I take seriously I guess.

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I don’t even like yoyoing.


My one friend gives me a hard time about yoyoing. He says I’m a nerd and a geek and doesn’t know why I don’t want to play video games all the time like he does. Sort of the pot calling the kettle black imo. Granted we are both 28 so some people would call us both geeks and nerds.


Im only serious if a competition is coming up but its all for fun


Then stop.

(Jei Cheetah) #12

Boss wont let me.


this is what I was thinking about

I thought I didn’t want to compete, at first, but now I really want to do it, it’s a fun way to make quick progress and to challenge myself.


Who said competition can’t be fun?

About other people and what they think about yoyoing, I already compromise with them.

I’ve learn this useful technique called;




DUDE I am in the SAME EXACT boat as you. Thats so funny. I just hit him back playfully as we are like best friends. Anything to him that isn’t mainstream is cool…besides like MMORPGs.


yea we’re all more or less nerds

I’m 33 and playing video games, yoyoing etc…

nerds are just people who are comfortable with doing whatever they want and don’t care what other people say about it.

if anything, we’re the one appreciating life to its fullest.

like people complain all the time, I’m happy, life’s a (person who sells her body for cash) but she’s beautiful


Amen to that!!


On the topic of video games and such people are always freaking out when they find out that I chose to buy a Gnarwhal over MW3 and Battlefield 3 but my Gnarwhal will still be a good yoyo when MW4 or Battlefeild 4 comes out.


Plus, you won’t have to buy a new Gnarwal every year!

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I don’t say I’m serious about yoyoing, I say its something I do rather often.

“Serious” makes things sound too… well… serious.