Beginning of Spirit Bomb


Just curious if the steps before I do the Kwijibo part of the trick look right :). I’m working on getting the yo-yo to pop high enough in the string so I can cross my hands (I got to work on my accuracy as well).


Ill make a vid, give me a min.

Edit: here ya go!

The biggest issue im seeing is your target string is too small, and the loop is above your yoyo, try and make that target larger so you can pop the yoyo directly into it, vs. trying to swing it in. Hope the vid helps!

If im rusty I apologize, its been nearly a decade since I did that transition.


I was highly distracted by the BSP in the video ;D

Great video!


I love seeing you progress through the YYE tricks, and I’ve been happy to provide what help I can. Keep it up, and you’ll be beyond my level of expertise!

Some general advice is to keep working on your throw. Try to make it straighter and harder. Also, learn to adjust the tilt on the string. Throw a trapeze, and experiment with moving your TH toward and away from you. Notice how the yoyo reacts. You can use this technique to straighten the yoyo on the string. This along with a stronger straighter throw, will give you much more time to go slowly through longer combos/tricks, and make longer pauses between the elements. It works for front style tricks as well.


Shhhhhhhh >.> <.<

I would say definitely work on that throw as well as well, straighten it out. You can adjust a wonky throw pretty easily by pushing one hand out and the other in. Can take vid if needed for an example. Gopros make this so easy vs when I used to make tutorial vids (wish i had them still!!)


Thanks Paul for taking the time to make a video for me. I appreciate everyone’s feedback :). My goal is to yo-yo every day. So it has been 3 months so far. Not going to lie though, I have yo-yoed in the past. However, I would do it once in awhile and Mach 5 was the hardest trick that I learned. Now that I’m getting better, I find myself more eager to expand my skills. I don’t play for real long periods of time. I just do a few short sessions throughout the day- 15 min here, 15 min before work (I keep a yo-yo in the car), 15 min on lunch, another 15 min or so at home.


Hey no problem! Keep at it!


Like Paul said definitely keep the yoyo level. It’s going to be really hard to land if the yoyo starts to lean to one side.

One thing that may help is that when you pop it up, try to make it pop straight up vertically. A lot of the videos say it needs to hit the top string, but don’t hit it too hard because it will force it down faster than you can cross your hands.

That being said, I wish you luck. It took me 3 months to learn spirit bomb, and that was practicing it almost every day. I’ve heard that some people have a harder time with spirit bomb than others, just like boingy boing. I was definitely one of those people. Every time I pick up my yoyo, I do at least one spirit bomb just because I still don’t land it every time. I love that trick though and it was worth the effort.


seriously! I learned spirit bomb in a few hours, and boingy boing eluded me for nearly three years.


Well… I’m still working on Spirit Bomb. Even with the bigger triangle, I still have difficulty with the first pop. So, I decided to skip the first pop like Andre mentioned in the second part of his video. I’m also have difficulty with the second pop. The issues I’m having are:

The yo-yo lands way to the left of the triangle
The triangle is angled like \ or | instead of _
The triangle is too small

I’ll keep practicing though!


Keep at it a little more then take a vid of your progress and we can help!


My attempts usually look like this


On that second vid, you seemed to miss a step and didnt undercut before popping across. Keep working on that first!


I have been skipping the first pop :slight_smile:


The first pop is easier so I wouldn’t skip it, at least not at first. Once you have it down skipping may make learning the second part faster, but either way you’ll have to do the first part to get the trick.

A lot of people will probably disagree with me on this, but on the second pop try letting the yoyo hit the palm of your throw hand. That may sound like bad advice, but hear me out. The biggest part of the triangle is where you separate the strings with your throw hand. The farther away from your hand, the smaller the triangle gets. If you try to land the yoyo dead center of the triangle, you’re giving yourself a smaller landing zone. This increases the likelihood of landing it on the left or right string. However by “banking” it off your throw hand, you ensure the yoyo dunks in as close to the wide area of the triangle as possible. As long as you center that side, it should hit the middle string.

Now this is not how to do the trick long term. I noticed while learning the trick that when I “accidentally” hit my hand the yoyo landed more frequently. It’s more like training wheels than anything. Once you get more comfortable with the trick, you’ll start landing the yoyo in the center of the triangle without hitting anything.