Beginning 3a

Ok guys so I’m really liking 3a and want to get an actually 3a pair (instead of my shaqlerstar and speedaholic combo). I want some plastics to start out but I don’t know which are considered good for 3a. I was looking at
Adegle psg
Myy d6
C3 speedaholic
C3 alpha crash
Because they are cheeper and I could beat em up.
I also considered the od rally thinking it won’t only be durable and get me started it would also be able to keep up with my growth. But I want some good opinions.
And I was wondering if you guys also cut your string a little shorter as I find my regular length strings too much to control.
I don’t have much cash so I was hoping to either trade for these pairs or sell my wrath or some others to buy them. If you have a set you would trade please hit me up via pm.

All the pairs you listed sound great but my preference is the alpha crash or rally. I always cut my strings shorter then the standard length.

Thanks for the reply Man !

Any pair you posted would be fine, If I were you I’d probably begin with the speedaholics because of the cheap price and later when you get better and if you want to get serious about it get a metal pair.
When I cut my strings I usually cut them at the height of my hips instead of the traditional belly button lenght.
I hope I helped :slight_smile:

What about onestars?

thanks palli I tried cutting my string to my hips and it made doing the few tricks I know much easier!

onestars might be a little light for a starter 3a pair

Protostars man…

I wouldn’t go with Speedaholics, because they tilt, which will be very frustrating for 3a. Surges sound good, or upgraded Classics

Classics with C bearings and silicone?