3A help?

So as the title suggests I need help with 3A. I just started yesterday and know kink mount and assisted brain twister. I’ve been using a DNA and Markmont.Next but I’m looking for good matching plastics to be doing this(please don’t offer to sell yours) and tricks I should be learning at first. Thanks in advance!

Protostars are a good pair for 3a plastics.

Also, some people say PSGs are good, they say that they are more forgiving on the string than the Asteroid.

Have fun with 3a!

I would get some chasers, northstars, or protostars if you want a good 3a plastic pair

I was thinking about chasers and northstars any experience with them?

I wouldn’t recommend PSGs as the binds get really slippery. Protostars work well enough, and Chasers seem like they would be good.

If you replace the response pads in PSG’s they work fine.

Also if you silicone them.

thanks! thinking of Northstars right about now

Chasers work really well.

Two Phenomizms?