Hey guys (hopefully I’m posting in the right section), but as you can tell from the title, I’m fairly new. I had a couple of questions if anyone of you could answer!

  1. I bought the DM2, and I’ve noticed that my sleepers are not going nearly as long as the tutorials that I have been seeing (specially in the tutorials at this site). Is it just because I’m not throwing it right, or is there something I got to do in order to make it sleep longer. I’ve noticed it really dies out when I do a trapeze or whenever its riding the line.

  2. Whats the best technique when doing a split bottom mount. I feel as though my hands are too small to do it, because when I try to, the extra line on my non-free hand gets tied up on the line your supposed to bump it up to. Any suggestions?


for sleep time, it’s your throw, don’t look further, it’ll get better with time

for split bottom mount, as a tip, I’d say it’s your throw hand that should “plunge” into the string behind the yoyo, make sure you close your throw hand except the pointer when you do it, it’s going to take some time to get this move right, but you’ll then understand a very important move/feel that will help you later on. You have to give it time, at first you’ll land it every now and then, it might take some time to be consistent, don’t stick on it and learn other tricks while you practice this mount so you don’t get bored doing the same thing over and over again.

something to get you going: if you just started to work on the mount, you might have to rewind your yoyo often. The more you practice, the more you’ll be able to keep your yoyo spinning and then bind rather than hand rewind it each time you miss.

to me it was a really important trick that helped me a lot and still is (1 month in beginner, working on adv.1 tutorials to give you an idea of what you can expect after 1 month of regular practice)

keep at it, try to move your throwhand pointer down and forward into the string that’s coming up, a few inches behind the yoyo.

try and get a smaller yoyo if you have the chance, they won’t get as much in the way and will leave you with more string length to play with.

also make sure you got a fairly straight throw and check your string tension often

Sweet thanks for the advice! But when its on the string it significantly slows down. Is that still with me not throwing hard, cuz that doesnt make sense to me? I’ve tried to loosing DM2 but when I do it falls apart…

well it’s supposed to slow down, it all depends how fast it slows down

but if you’re beginning, your throw is most likely the cause, I’m one month beginner, working on Advanced 1&2 tricks from YYE tutorials and my throw isn’t neither consistant or strong, but it definitely improved over time. the more you throw the faster your throw is gonna get better

but André Boulay’s throw is probably near perfect and can’t really be compared to yours or mine, he’ll probably get a cheap $10 standard yoyo to sleep longer than we could get a DM2 to sleep with our best throw

if you follow the tutorials, you’ll notice the tricks get longer, of course, but working on the tricks, your throw will also get better and you’ll get your yoyo to sleep longer.