Beginner offstring yo-yo? Please reply!

The only preference I have is that it fits in my bag. If there is absolutely only one beginner one I should get that doesn’t fit in my bag, that’s okay, too. I have a YYE medium contest bag. Thank you!

Hmm, The Fiesta and Go big both fit into the medium sized bag… The only issue is that you have to unscrew it, put on half under the foam, and then screw it back together…

They are both great… The fiesta has long spin times and is good for technical, not too go for regens in my opinion.

The Go big is bouncy and is amazing for regens…

Go with your gut, they’re both great players. :smiley:

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What bag?

I can stuff a Big Yo in my YYE Medium Bag no problem. A Fiesta XX or a Go Big fit better and I’d also recommend them over a Big Yo for beginners.

But, we’re talking the medium contest bag. Is that the 12-holder? Sure, no problem. Fiesta XX and Go Big could BOTH fit in that outer pocket.

Again, both the Fiesta XX and Go Big are ideal beginner 4A yoyos, as well as more than adequate to compete with and take titles, as well as being super affordable and pocketbook friendly. The Big Yo I feel is just too big. It’s fun, I don’t recommend against one, I just feel that for the money, both the Fiesta XX and the Go Big perform better. The Fiesta XX is cheaper, the Go Big is $30(as of this posting). Both are amazing players.

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I would consider the go big slightly better for beginners, as the rubber rims can withstand a major beating.

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Thanks, guys!

Anything under $35 is fine. Pick your poison.