Beginner Mini-guide

These are some tricks that require lots of practice to master (Beginner to Intermediate only because they teach you the tricks that are affect your performance in the future greatly)…


  • Sleeper (Practice this. 100% of the tricks require a strong sleeper)
  • Forward pass (if you want to learn looping)
  • Breakaway (Get this as strong as your sleeper as 100% of the tricks require a strong breakaway)


  • Man On Trapeze (This trick is hard to learn. It takes lots of practice to master. Don’t give up when learning this trick and try to keep the yoyo straight when it is spinning on the string)
  • Split bottom mount as in the ‘Split the atom’ starting mount (Nearly as hard to learn as ‘Man on the Trapeze’ Don’t give up :slight_smile:
  • Bind return (this is really important as you are gonna do alot of it as you progress on)

(PS I didn’t put ‘Double or Nothing’ because its pretty much like ‘Man on trapeze’)

Just made this to help beginners… I remember when I was in this stage

Criticisms are welcomed as this is my first mini-guide :slight_smile:

Andre has the perfect avenue for beginners. He even includes vids! lol Nice to see you care though.

Oh and your percentages are wrong! Way wrong! :slight_smile:


I don’t think he meant total tricks just the ones that André shows in general.

change the percentages to 100% or just ake 'em out. everything requries a strong throw if you’re doing simple braintwisters or ladder escape it doesn’t matter.

done :slight_smile:

nice! Much clearer