How to do a trapeze for beginners

Hey there yoyo beginners, do you want to learn a trapeze? well acourse you do.

Start with a strong sleeper, then take the yoyo and fling over your finger and on the string! It is that easy. Start when yoyo is dead, then when its spinning and try to hit the string and after you hit the string 5 times wind it up and try to land it!

I’d say you need a better description or a video.

Although, Andre already has a very good video on this site.

But, thanks for trying to help. Who knows, maybe you did help someone.
I also see you are pretty new to this forum. Welcome! ;D

I think it’s better to learn to throw a good quality breakaway, one that makes a nice straight big loop. The yo yo can’t help but land nice on the string if the breakaway is nice and straight. This is the error I made I thought I had a good breakaway, but it was not it was crooked. I need to straighten it out and work a that first.

Start with an Imperial shape you must throw straight with this no room for error. Get that down then move on to a butterfly shape.
Point is work at things progressively think of things to make learning “difficult” then move on to the “easy” things.