Beginner Looking to Advance - In Need of Help/Advice

Hey there, obviously I’m new here but I have been lurking and reading quite a bit of reviews/watched every video in the learn section just about 3 times each now…

I decided to switch over from my Yomega X Brain to a C3 Capless because i thought/still do think that i am ready to take my yo-yoing to the next level.

The problems that i keep encountering are with binding and the Mach 5 trick.

With binding: I can do it (or at least I can do the simple binds) but I want/need to know if there is any secret way to avoid getting knots in the string. I keep binding, then throwing down hard to practice more tricks and it rockets back up nearly strangling off my finger tip from the tightness of the slipknot (and hurting my joints from the yo yo being metal instead of plastic now)… Is there any way to avoid this?

And now onto the mach 5 trick…

when you come around from the split bottom mount and you bring your non-throw-hand index finger up and over and down again to start spinning it (like in Andre’s video), is the string supposed to wrap around your throw finger? I cannot see in Andre’s video if it does or not and I am concerned i am messing the trick up.

I hope these questions arent too nooby for you guys, but thanks in advance for any help and advice given :slight_smile:

side note - i cannot upload a video to show you what i am talking about because i do not have a camera unfortunately…

Binding with the yoyo spinning too fast will almost always cause snags or knots. Just wait for it I slow down or don’t throw it so hard.

A little less string in the gap.

Yes it goes around your finger. Each time either finger goes around, they should never miss a string.

Have fun!

I wouldn’t say “always”. I often bind with the yoyo spinning fast. Bind by pinching the loop and pulling up on the throwhand, and if your yoyo is spinning super fast don’t use quite as much “tail”/loop. Should still result in a smooth subsequent throw most of the time.

I do agree that super high-speed binding is going to increase the odds of a snag, though.

You’ll eventually get a feel for it whereby after binding you’ll know “ugh, there’s a snag in there, better clear it off with a safety throw and bind.”

If you find it’s snaggy more often than not, doesn’t hurt to always throw the safety throw/bind. Nice moderate sleeper… if it snags, it’s not going to rip your hand off or smack you in the face, it’ll just come back up to your hand and you throw again. If it doesn’t snag, a nice moderately slow and gentle bind awaits you, which if you do it with the pinch/pull method is almost guaranteed to not snag on your subsequent throw.

You’re in good company. Watch the YYE videos and you’ll see Andre throw a tonne of “safety” throws before he lauches a proper breakaway/sleeper.

Mach 5, just to agree with what’s already being said: yes, you will start to create wraps around your finger. I’m told you can use this to your advantage later on with certain tricks. Don’t know about that one, but in any case you are certainly wrapping the string around your finger.

Re: Binding. Good question. I think this is more if a practice thing. The idea is that the slower the yoyo is spinning, the longer you want that tail/loop you want to “throw into the gap.” If it’s spinning fast, you can get away with shorter tails (longer ones with a fast spin might even result in snags).

Unfortunately, this takes practice to get a feel for. Don’t worry though! It should click soon

That’s true. I was assuming that under the types of binds i do. I mostly slap the loop into the gap, making it hard to control the loop size.

Absolutely… under type binds seem to be insanely snaggy at super high speeds. :slight_smile: I also do not really tailor the size of the tail for those kinds of binds, making the risk of snag even higher.

Well the issue is that if the tail is too short it won’t watch, and if its too big it will snag, so your better off making the bind look better so they don’t mind the snag as much. Haha

another noob question: does sidewinder/ufo not work with unresponsive yoyos?

if not, what’s the best way to release string tension/unwind it?

Technically UFO works with unresponsive yoyo, but it requires quite a bit of skill with horizontal play, and is a very advanced trick. So no, UFO doesn’t really work.

As for adjusting string tension with an unresponsive yoyo, there is a certain trick you can do from an undermount.

It’s the first string in this video. I couldn’t find a tutorial, but I’m sure that someone will post one.

To avoid your fingers hurting, rap your finger’s mid segment in a little duct tape or get something like the foam pad raps they make for the finger.

Sidewinder is easy, just bind instead of tugging. While UFO is possible, it is extremely hard as a beginner on an unresponsive yoyo.

not exactly sure how you mean… tried binding every way i could think while my throw hand was about 1-2 feet away from the yoyo and no “vortex” like action in the string, yoyo just shot back like normal…

just rewatched the vid again and Andre mentioned that you need a responsive yoyo… so are you sure you’re thinking of the same trick?

If you’re doing it unresponsive, you have to hop it up level with your throw hand and pull gently away from the yoyo at the same time. This will cause the “vortex”. You can do the whole string at one time, or just hold the string about halfway down and hop up to the hand that’s holding the string (which will do the gentle pull to create the “vortex”).

Usually you have to hop it up a few times to get enough spins.

I don’t know that I’d call it a “sidewinder” so much as a sidewinder-like approach for unresponsive.

Tutorial video:

At least, I THINK that’s the suggestion proposed by Mediumwell Yonut.

thanks, that really does help.