Beezy Rep Thread

@beezy was a pleasure to talk to, real quick responses, sent payment on time, A++ mans

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Bought two yoyos from @beezy. Really quick shipping and the yoyos were fantastic. Would buy from again!

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Bought two yoyos and a cozie from them, gave me a good deal and the cozie is cute. Packaged with care, sent out quickly and they were in excellent condition.


Snagged a very nice playing One Drop 54 from them. All damage was accurately described and the yo-yo was shipped securely and promptly. In total, they were a joy to deal with and I would not hesitate to do so again!

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Belated Feedback…

I made @beezy’s sale more difficult by requesting an odd way to pay him :rofl:… and he went out of his way to make it work! Went above and beyond for a relatively small sale, which I am grateful for.

Great seller, shipped some awesome Cozys to me. I literally use them everyday.

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@beezy comes through with some awesome Cozys yet again…

Ya’ll sleeping on the must have’s of yoyo accessories if you haven’t bought a set from him.

Quick shipping, great product, great guy to work with!

Thanks!!! Great to see the cozies being put to good use and with matching color yoyos, no less! :smile:

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I completed a very nice trade with them recently and it couldn’t have gone smoother! They were great to talk to, accurately described their yo-yo, provided detailed pictures, packaged the yo-yo securely, and shipped promptly. All in all and excellent experience and one I wouldn’t hesitate to repeat. Thanks again!

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