Beefhook is hard

Just actually landed one…pretty much without knowing why…but hey, it’s a start


beef hook is super hard lol. last week i was hitting them about 30% of the time, sometimes 3 or 4 times in a row. i havent hit one in 2 days now lol


Ive tried many times to push my TH first finger into the loop to cause it to wrap properly around the yo-yo, and it doesn’t seem to effect my consistency.

So guys, I see there is a bit of mess around this trick, I mastered it time ago and if the string is in a neutral position I say I hit it 97% of the time, so I believe my technique should be fine, I did a mix of the Brandon Vu video and some of my ideas, once you get where “catch” the yoyo become a easy trick to do.

I am pretty sure for the first part we are all fine, what usually is the problem is the “catch”.

I am sorry for my face and the whole picture but it shows more or less where the hand need to be to catch the string loop

This is a frame took from a video of a complete beef hook, I tried to do some in repetition and my throw hand is always there while my other hand assume that position all the time in a way I “push” the loop with my non throw hand inside the gap.

The most important part of the trick is let the yoyo go up your throw hand and basically be “vertical” in this way you can really see the loop going automatically inside the yoyo.

When you throw the loop use a bit of power in this way it helps to push the loop in the right direction.

Brandon Vu “close” the string in his throw hand I noticed I don’t need to do that but I also tried his way so I would try also that, look at his video on YouTube is full of tips.

As I said for what concern me the only important part is to make a big loop and keep the yoyo up your hand while doing it!

Good luck everyone!


Alright, I have been practicing this non stop since I created this thread and can do it on command now. If anyone needs help or pointers dm me!!!