Beefcaked Bearings Help! (Werrd TFL)


I need some help, I’m planning on siliconing by Werrd TFL. I need to know if the beefcaked bearings are removable? I they are, what’s the best way to remove them.

Thanks for the help!


They are removable. The TFL actually has a fairly loose bearing seat so they normally fall right out. However, string lint or other gunk can build up around the posts and make the bearings a pain to remove.

Your best bet for removing the bearings is to just use a pair of pliers with a bit of a circular cutout in them. I just used my multitool when they were stuck on mine. They take some patience to get out when they are stuck. Try to wiggle them off while pulling gently.


Thank you! Ill give it a try! I have a multitool, but it didn’t budge the first time. Haha, I’ll try pliers! Thanks again!


Multitool won’t work due to the axle hole that separates the bearing. And with the pliers I have trouble because the bearings are so thin! Here’s a picture, Hopefully it helps!


I got them out! They’re pretty gunked up :confused:

That stuff in the seat is grime.


Congratulations on getting them out. They are pretty tricky when the bearing seat is gunked up since there is so little to grab on to. Use some cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol to clean out all that gunk in the bearing seat.


I had that same problem. I just solved it by never bothering to resilicone =p


And when the response is shot?
Do you still have my adress? :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine is shot, the silicone didnt work as it should :confused: haha