Beef Caked Maverick won't sleep

I beefcaked my Yomega Maverick, but now it doesn’t sleep very long. Do beefcaked yoyos do that, or did I do something wrong?

Did the string slip between the bearings?

The string was sitting in between the bearings, but it didn’t slip between them.

Make sure your bearings are VERY cleaned and just barely lubed. they need to spin extremely free to work right.

Ok. Iv’e been trying to get some mineral spirits for a while. When I get it, I’ll clean the bearings and try again.

mavericks ur not supposed to beef cake the bearings are to wide

I think the problem is that if you have the spacers out, the bearings will touch the sides and not spin. This is my hypothesis.

Mavericks just aren’t compatable with the beefcake mod. And if your not using a yomega bearing it won’t work at all.

Any yoyo can be beefcaked. It is all in the way and the bearing thickness or spacers you use. I have beefcaked a maverick and it worked so… The gap on the maverick is pretty thin so that is why I tried it.

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