some modding questions

1.what is a beef cake mod and how do you do it?how does it help do you highwall a throw and what does it do? it possible to keep duncan bearings from rusting? it possible to put z stacks on a metal drifter?if so how hard would it be to do?
5.would z stack fit on a pgm?

  1. 2 bearings. not sure how it’s done. I’d guess longer axle though.
  2. not sure
  3. Sure, why not? they’re the same as other bearings.
  4. no clue. maybe you’re just in a high humidity place? or near the beach?

Also I’ve heard a way to keep moisture away from the bearing is to store the yoyo with the string unwound. string keeps in moisture.

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1.  You take away from the inside of the yoyo.

2.  I use a file or wide lathe tool.  Makes it better for 5a.  Not sure how though. Hopes someone will tell why highwalling is good for 5a
3.  Easily, Dry them after cleaning them.
4.  If the solvent you use is hydroponic (attracts water) than you need to make sure it is 100% dry.  One hydroponic solvent is denatured alcohol (I use).

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i haven’t cleaned them yet so idk

Where you live might have an effect on it. If it’s humid then your bearing will rust. Try spraying it with WD-40 and leaving it overnight, then put it on a golf tee and chuck the golf tee to a drill. Hold the bearing while spinning the drill. Do this for five minutes. Clean the bearing twice in a solvent to get it working right. Lightly lube the bearing (I don’t but I don’t live in a very humid place. You probably should).

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  1. Beef cakeing helps center the string for more unresponsive play, without bunching up the string in the middle.

  2. It makes the gap slightly wider and makes it better for 5a (somehow). You do it by sanding the walls and by making the bearing seat lower by sanding it.

  3. You can keep them in a jar or air tight box over night, or you can remove the string from the yoyo, when you’re not using it. You should also make sure that the bearing never gets wet.

  4. Yes, but it is really hard, and cost alot for a modder to do it, and will make the yoyo wobble alot.

  5. Yes, but again it is not worth the money or effort.

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Sorry for double post, but, wd-40 isn’t the best thing for your bearing.
Using a drill to break in your bearing is bad because if there is any small pieces of dirt in the bearing, they can dig into the side or wall of the bearing, thus messing it up.

  1. How else do you get the rust out?
  2. It worked for me.

I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but if you’re not sure of something, please, just don’t make the post; you’re confusing him. WD40 will indeed gunk up the bearing, but can easily be cleaned out. WD40 should only be used on bearings if the bearing is rusted and cleaned afterwards. And using a drill to break in a bearing is fine, just a lot more hassle. Any dirt can be cleaned out.

Hey you changed the q’s!?!?

yea i don’t know y i didn’t just add to it

Putting hubstacks on a Drifter is actually quit hard. You first have to shave down part of the nipple, only then you can use the pgm hubstack kit.

I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but if you’re not sure of something, please, just don’t make the post; you’re confusing him. WD-40 will not gunk up the bearing. I’ve been using wd-40 in one certain bearing for years. Doing it just to prove others wrong. I’ve had no problems with it and this particular fhz has 4 minute spins with my massive arms throwing it. I will say it’s not the best because it attracts dust. That’s why this bearing still has the shields on.

Sorry, should I remove the post?

Wait I said “not the best”, not “bad”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well you learn something new everyday. But doesn’t the dirt and dust gunk up the bearing at somepoint?

Yes that is why you blow out the stuff with compresses air periodically.