Awesome(r) Aquarius!

Fairly simple mod—
Beefcake the bearing and it plays AMAZING(er) for 4a. Not too responsive for split knuckles but not not bindable!



I will go try that!

Good idea!

I never liked how forward aquas throw, beefcake may be just what I need!

Thanks for the idea!


Great idea Evan! Seriously, wonderful idea.

But I have seem to have found that with a cleaned bearing my Aquarius doesnt snag as much…hm…

You have an aquarius?I didnt know that.

may i know what’s beefcake?

I think Doctor Popular invented the beefcake mod. It’s basically two bearings instead of one. Not all yoyos are beefcakeable(?) and some Werrd yoyos come beefcaked. The two bearings you use to beefcake are usually a bit narrower than regular bearings, but it is possible to beefcake two regular bearings on certain yoyos.

Addment: Can someone please try beefcaking 1/2 SPECs. Always wanted to know the result of that one.

When I clean mine it becomes dead unresponsive for 1A :smiley:

andre talks about it a bit in this vid : - Maintenance - Adjustable Gaps

that sounds pretty cool, good idea. Quick question, on the vid mentioned on the last post, whats the name of that black yoyo. just out of curiousity! :smiley:

lol i wanna know too! ;D

Im pretty sure its a black FHZ with some thumb grind weight rings on it (just a guess)

Wouldn’t that be funny if somebody had a BigYo with stacks and giant caps(not possible) and put metal rims on it! I’d like to see that.

I might try to get some metal rings in my BigYo for a mod actually.