aquaris berring switch?

should i mod my aquaris? i heard that beefcaking the yo makes the yo better, is that true? should i change the berring, add spacers or bolth? or should i just leave it alone? i really enjoy my aquaris but i just want a wider gap and or longer spintimes. i dont think a kk or a 10 ball is a good idea but i put it there incase i was wrong. if there is something else that i could do please say so. :-\

                                                         please vote, thank you!  ;)

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Well a aquarius is made for 4A really so I don’t think it was meant for 1A.

i am jusing it for 4a

O lol well I think you should try shims or something. I’m to careful to try 4A so I dont know but beefcaking it isnt that good IMO, I dont like the the huge gap.

I don’t know much about Offstring, but for reference:

for beefcaking it, you dont have to use 2 full size bearings. you can get some yyf half specs on yoyonation

See I’ve always wondered if that played well. It just sounds like you will get the same good spin as a regular SPEC, but with a centered string.

Addment: I have never heard of anyone doing this. Please, can someone with two 1/2 SPECs just try it and see how it works.

i havent used 2 half specs myself, but on yyn it says you can with them to beefcake it. and i think that is mainly for 1a though. so, agreeing with Pheenix, the regular SPEC would be good

You won’t be able to 10ball it. There are no 10balls for the Aquarius bearing.

Clean it, and you are good to go.