Hear Ye, Hear Ye
Come One, Come All!

Be the first on your block to look into the future and make a prognostication for yo-yos.
Astound your friends. Befuddle your enemies.
Go down in the annals of history.

You’re odd.


I predict that in the near future a jeweler and / or inventor will develop a ring or set of rings to replace the slip knot in yo-yo strings thus ending PURPLE FINGER (finger strangulation). There will be cheap plastic rings for amatures and ones made from precious metals for yo-yo pros.

In what way and who here isn’t?

You’re suggesting we become swamis, that’s weird

Oddity brings character. Character is unique. People like unique.

But then again, if we string things together:

Time is money. Money is power. Power corrupts eventually.

Never thought I’d see the day that Haru called someone odd. :wink:

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Seers, visionaries, dreamers, yes.
What changes would you like?

Do you think I should change the title from SWAMI to MYSTIC or something else?

make it to where I can attach a swivel and …well… you just gave me an idea :smiley:


Don’t feel bad HaruRay is quite odd himself

I don’t feel bad at all. Hooray for being odd! ;D

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They already do this for cheap yoyos, and it will make it easier for the string to come off of your finger. Actually, all you would need to do was get a ring, and tie your string to it.

I like this guy, he’s got character.

If the ring was sized properly for the correct part of the finger perhaps not. What about some type of strap? That would give more surface area then strings do also with maybe some new way of adjusting it.

a serial killer has character. not saying i have anything against this guy, just that “character” is vague and not necessarily positive.

I wanna be a Yoyo Swami.

no bs, i have actually thought about this for awhile, I recall seeing them on the “yoyo ball” commercials as a child but i got something better. Be patient :slight_smile: i dont get purple finger but Ihate adjusting string tension. Hehe

Hahaha! This made me chuckle.

I was thinking yesterday, what if you had 2 yoyos, at either ends of the same string. I can’t imagine the dynamics of binding and throwing, but you’d be able to do some cool nunchuck style stuff with them, as well as a lot of 2a-ish sort of stuff.

I’m not saying it’s a good idea, nor that its my idea, but it’s an idea.