Okay so I have a Canvas and it came stock with a CT but I wanted to try out a Kk bearing I had laying around, trust me it’s amazing but when ever I tighten of my Canvas near the end of screwing it together it starts to get harder to put together I don’t have to use any force or anything but it’s noticeably harder to tighten. Also when I unscrew it it feels harder to unscrew it at the beginning then easier but it also makes a squeaking noise when putting it together. This never happened with a CT bearing though,

Also the Kk is like impossible to take out, what’s wrong here?

Different tolerances on the inner race of the bearing. The screeching sound you’re hearing is the thread hole ‘post’ rubbing against the inner race.

There have been some who have had success rubbing some light-grit sandpaper on these posts so as to make the bearing seat a little looser. But you’ve got to be careful, it’s very easy to introduce vibe this way (and theoretically get rid of some!).

Does the screeching noise ruin the yoyo at all? Because if it doesn’t I can live with the screeching noise.

Not particularly. It could possibly remove some aluminum off the post, so the problem may just solve itself.


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Okay thanks!

Try a truly ABEC rated bearing, no tolerance problems with the inner race.