KK and the DV888

Well, today, my Spec bearing started acting up. I noticed while in Kroger while hopping the yoyo into the air for Kwijibo, and the bearing screeched.

So, when I got home, I decided to see if it was the yoyo or the bearing, so I put it in my Atmosphere, and, sure enough, I got the same results.

So, I put my KK on, which almost looked like it didn’t fit.

Well, when I threw, it made NO sound. I thought it wasn’t spinning. I was used to a slight vibe and a slight sound to tell when it needed a bind. Yet, it was like there wasn’t even anything more than a slight spin, by sound and feel.

So, I picked it up. The darn thing was spinning normally, with a vibe that I couldn’t feel, only see.

Anyone else have this happen?

I have had this happen with my SPEC bearing…

Try cleaning it and make sure there are no little pieces of hair,trash,etc. stuck in the bearing.

If there isnt the bearing may just be wearing out because they do and thats when you get a new one.
Hope this helped :smiley:

The only difference I notice with KKs is snagging

My KK is fine. I have never had any problems with it. Try lubing it.

He’s not stating he’s having a problem with his KK, he’s talking about how it made his yoyos “better”