Bearing wont come out.

Title says it all. I tried pliers already. What else can I do? I have a DM and I want to put in my KK bearing but my bearing is being very stubborn.

Take the pliers to it again, try it with the pliers parallel to the yoyo. Grip it, and gently rock the pliers right and left. Don’t just pull straight up. Rock right and left with a gentle pull up. You’ll feel it coming loose. Once it seems loose enough, then pull up.

I got it out by advice from a previous thread I found that had the same problem. I put it in the freezer for a few minutes and I was able to take the bearing out. One more question now, the KK bearing is inside now, but it kind of makes a dull noise. I can hear the bearing a bit. Any comments on that?

Break it in, or play with it for a week, or 20+ hours. Then, lube it with thin lube. Then, enjoy.

Oh, how does a freezer help?

I really don’t know myself, something about how the steel contracts in the cold.

Correct. The cold makes the metal contract just enough to make the bearing come out easily.

If you don’t want to hurt the bearing, find some scraps of rubber between the pliers and the bearing.

Thanks for trying to help, but please check the date of the last post. This one was over 2 months old.

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